Adam Townsend
Founder, Creative Director


Adam Townsend is the Founder and Creative Director of Cavalier London.

He has delivered digital communication and content strategies for some of the world’s leading corporate and consumer brands, including the NHS, Chelsea Football Club, the Mayor of London, EY, The United Nations, UBS, Founders Forum, Bertelsmann, and The Royal Foundation.

Within the marketing and communications industry, he is widely recognised for his ability to pull apart detail and tell stories that audiences will engage with, be that through written or visual media. He has also come up with big ideas to generate media cut-through, such as a pro-EU pornographic film which made the front page of The Sun, and also the BBC’s most viewed social media film - an eagle flying over London and Dubai with a small camera on its back.

More than 500 million people worldwide have watched his ideas, and he is constantly determined to think up the next big thing.

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