Arriva Bus driver recruitment

Combining years of experience from national marketing campaigns and digital performance marketing, we have developed a digital talent acquisition strategy that helps employers proactively target relevant audiences with high-performing adverts, who are then nurtured through to hire using personalised, automated processes.

Arriva London is a subsidiary of Arriva UK, one of the largest bus operators in the country with over 5,000 buses in operation and 16,000 employees. Cavalier was commissioned by Arriva London to transform its recruitment processes that had been in use for many years.

Our objectives were to update the Arriva recruitment procedure for the digital age utilising tools and platforms available for a more scientific and scalable approach, to be able to proactively target and attract higher quality candidates, to reduce staff turnover, to create an end-to-end attribution model so that a reliable cost-per-application could be established, to promote careers and career progression with Arriva, and furthermore, shift the perception of what it is to be a bus driver through content and messaging.

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