Livi Leviten
Senior Creative

livi pic.jpg

Livi Leviten is a Senior Creative at Cavalier London.

Livi Leviten has been working in ad-land since 2012, executing on campaigns from out of home to experiential, TV, social and everything in between.

Her eagle eye for detail has seen her work on multi award winning content for some of the biggest household names including Dominos (in Livi’s household anyway), MINI, the GLA and NHS. She has also executed on corporate strategies for Shell and Barclaycard.

Before thinking up ad campaigns in the big smoke, her home was Manchester where she learnt to mix inventiveness, charm and passion into everything she does.

Her proudest time has been delivering creative content for the Mayor of London’s Behind Every Great City campaign, thinking up fresh ways to continually deliver an incredibly important message, from a soundtrack made up solely of the sounds of women’s sport, to interviews with some of the most renowned female professionals.

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