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As Brexit draws closer, how do you ensure the world knows #Londonisopen for everyone?

On the 23rd June 2016 a decision was made that posed a threat to London’s image and economy, and the responsibility fell upon Sadiq Khan to change that. In the face of Brexit, Cavalier was appointed by the Mayor of London to let the world know that London was united and open for business.

An ongoing, integrated campaign was launched. The message behind it had to be straightforward, impactful, positive - something that Londoners could get behind. #LondonIsOpen was born and kicked off with a simple creative showing Londoners opening their doors to the world.

Since the campaign’s launch in 2016, Cavalier have concepted and created over 20 multi-channel pieces of content, celebrating key aspects of our city’s culture; the European restaurants, religious festivals, global businesses and multiculturalisms that make London, London. Most importantly the campaign has aimed to leave a sense of pride, inclusivity and defiance amongst fellow British, European, and Global Londoners.

#LondonIsOpen is widely acknowledged as the most successful public-facing campaign by a British politician, and was awarded ‘Best Use Of Video’ at the UK Public Sector Communications Awards in 2017.

The launch film received over 2 million views in a single week, and the content that followed has collectively stacked up views in the 10s of millions. The films have inspired hundreds of individuals and organisations to create their own versions and spread the word that #LondonIsOpen.