We started out as a team of creators. The passion to see an idea come to life has only become greater.

Real-world, animation, motion, 360, and VFX - Cavalier have got all video bases covered. We’ve produced videos and content series for Chelsea Football Club, The Mayor of London, The NHS, London Zoo, Founders Forum, The Ned, Tinder, Friction Free Shaving, Save The Children, Huggle, Limitless Travel… the list is fairly extensive and we are proud of every execution to leave the door.

When it comes to real-world footage, tapping into human emotions and telling stories lies at the heart of everything we do. Our team are experts at picking apart the details of a story and extracting the raw, emotional ingredients. We then use the latest camera technology to bring ideas to life.

We work with a team of specialists led by industry-leader Chris Carr to create motion graphics. These can be styled in both 2D, 3D, or a combination of the two, using a number of design approaches that incorporate typography, illustration, photography, video footage, music, narration and sound effects.

Our skill, experience and streamlined process allow us to execute quickly and at far less cost compared to advertising agencies or production houses. These traditional setups tend to outsource both technical and creative skill, whilst Cavalier retains its services from within. To find out more about Cavalier’s video production services and how we can bring your brand to life, get in touch by clicking here.