The Duck and Rice.

In our always-on world which relies unequivocally on social media and the immediate and available connection between large groups of people, the guest experience starts long before entering a venue, and if positioned and managed effectively, will continue indefinitely.

Set within the beating heart of Soho’s infamous Berwick Street Market, The Duck And Rice serves game changing dim sum and an eponymous dish that attracts connoisseurs from around the world. Originally the brainchild of superstar restaurateur Alan Yau, the venue’s new management appointed Cavalier to significantly boost sales and reputation.

In a declining F&B market, Cavalier has proven to drive performance improvements. Through our social channel strategy and management, our team improve visibility & awareness through increased website visits, social media engagements, email opens & clicks, all of which drive online bookings. Noticeably, in November 2017 for The Duck and Rice, online booking performance showed steady MOM growth even when internal venue figures fell.

The most important statistic is that in January 2018, typically the worst performing month in F&B across the year, The Duck And Rice reached the same online covers & bookings level as November, with January bookings only 9% lower than December.