How do you make a real difference to the lives of women in London?

The centenary of the women’s right to vote marked an opportunity to reflect on where we were at in 2018 with gender equality in London. And the answer is not where we should be. Hence Cavalier was brought in and #BehindEveryGreatCity was born. A year-long campaign set to champion women and tackle a wide-range of issues, including women’s treatment in the workplace, portrayal in advertising, underrepresentation in history, and women’s visibility and recognition in sport.

The #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign was made up of multi-channel content that recognised, called out, and most importantly acted upon inequality facing women in London. Strong creative was imperative throughout the year to ensure our audience engaged with the campaign through new chapters and ideas, causing them to question the everyday and act upon the results.

Cavalier worked closely with the Mayor’s communications team and PR agency to develop set plays into Call To Actions, generating visibility and conversation in an already crowded space. We launched the Mayor’s ‘People We See’ fund aiming to get more women in advertising, ‘Our Time’ mentoring scheme, a Stylist partnership that saw women at the top of their field give tips to aspiring young ladies, the first statue of a woman in Parliament Square, AND we created the Mayor’s most engaged LinkedIn content to date. Not bad!

The content created has amassed millions of views across the world. Polling of Londoners and public sector workers at the end of 2018 compared with before the campaign has indicated that people believe gender equality is now a top priority for the Mayor, and that work is being done to tackle inequality in public organisations.

The film was written by Adam Townsend, directed by Josh Cawthorn, produced by Livi Leviten, and shot by Andy Trace and Fionn Guilfoyle. Post-production by Cavalier.