It’s time to #endthehate

The Mayor of London was due to give a speech at SXSW urging large tech companies to take responsibility for hate speech online. The message needed to land with impact.

Cavalier was brought in to assist the Mayor’s address with a single piece of content that really hammered home the effects of free speech online. We created an unexpected, cross-platform video in the style of Jimmy Kimmel’s famous ‘Mean Tweets’.

Whilst the parody began in an amusing way it took a shocking turn as Sadiq Khan flicked through his twitter feed from trivial banter to serious racist and anti-Muslim abuse. The strong creative execution of this video grabbed the attention of tech companies, forcing them to realise their own responsibility in minimising the impact of online anonymity.

The video received global press coverage and over 1,000,000 views in 2 days. Most importantly, it had real-world impact as the far right group, Britain First, were kicked off Facebook.

It's time to act on hate speech #endthehate
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