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Help us help you

How do you ask the nation to change the way they interact with the NHS?

Whilst we naturally pick up our smartphones for Uber, deliveroo and Ocado, we struggle to think of the NHS in the digital stratosphere. The reality of course, is that the NHS has several digital services on offer that save patients time, and relieve pressure on the ever increasing need for the National Health Service.

Cavalier was asked to create a stand alone piece of content, that not only raised awareness of these services, but got people to think twice about how they can get the best out of the NHS.

People feel good when they know their personal actions can make a positive difference in the world. It was this insight that underpinned our creative approach as we created piece of content that empowered people to help the NHS and other people, as well as helping themselves at the same time. By using powerful statistics that occur every 3 minutes in the NHS, we communicated the huge dependency we have on this fantastic service; and that by simply considering all NHS services, each individual can make sure NHS time is used in the best possible way.