Limitless travel

Our team love nothing more than to make a difference in the world, and by supporting Limitless Travel reach as many disabled people as possible, we are able to achieve exact that.

Limitless Travel offers previously unavailable holidays for people with disabilities which often can be life-changing experiences.

Since February 2018, Cavalier has managed paid social media for Limitless, and since taking over their account, have reduced Cost Per Lead by 80%, down from £25 to less than £5. This was in part achieved through landing page optimisation, enabling us to increase conversion rate with optimised and more targeted messaging.

Since September 2018, our scope of work has grown to include CRM and SEO, initially implementing an email automation strategy to increase the conversion from lead to sale. Results show phenomenal open rates of ~60% and click through rates of ~25%, which is down to our unique understanding of the audience, and the way in which we allow this insight to inform the creative execution.

A full review of the user journey has resulted new automated email cycles, the setup of lead scoring, a retargeting strategy, greater social segmentation, and fresh video creative to drive search and brand awareness via social.

In January 2019, Cavalier helped Limitless achieve its biggest sales month to date.