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The NHS at 70

How do you get an institution, with a workforce of 1.4 million, to embrace digital innovation rather than hiding from it?

Cavalier was brought in to create an internal communications strategy to show that in the face of increasing financial strain and cuts on the NHS, digital innovation can deliver effective, efficient solutions to patients in need. It was important to show that rather than replacing jobs, digital innovation has always been at the heart of the NHS, working hand in hand with the experts.

The NHS 70th birthday presented the perfect platform to retrospectively look at the NHS from conception through to 2018, in order to communicate that innovation has always been at the forefront of the institution. The digital age of 2018 was simply a new iteration of this timeline.

Through this narrative, we devised a 3-phase strategy of Celebration, Empowerment, and Driving Change, with cross-platform content designed to not only inspire employees by demonstrating tangible benefits to their patients’ lives, but to make staff feel proud to be part of the NHS. Our team produced a coordinated, 8-part digital campaign series, highlighting the impact of digital technology in 6 clinical areas, whilst celebrating the impact and potential of digital innovation through two hero films.

The campaign has been praised by senior NHS stakeholders as “a new era and standard” for NHS branded content.

70 years of the NHS. A history of innovation. An exciting digital future. Go digital at www.nhs.uk